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The Tag Line said to!

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"For the love of all things decent, somebody post a question!" OK! OK! Geez... Um.... How come file sharing with a machine that is clustered using Windows 2000 Advanced Server is so flakey? I've got to de-cluster the damn machines before I can update them...

 O. Spock

With all the traffic we're getting, we should probably change that tagline.

Old, Tired Spock  

What's that little creature, and why is it using my name?

 O. Spock

I'm first officer Spock of the Starchair Enterpoop, we are seeking out the Planet of Libido-Driven Stewardesses.

Old, Tired Kirk  

Why could I never get that mission?

Old, Tired Spock  

You always got that mission, Jim, until headquarters couldn't afford your girdle budget anymore.

 Old, Tired Kirk

Quiet, you.

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