The Topic:
The Secret

The Question:

I think I've discovered the secret to getting questions posted.

All it takes it sexualizing the 'Tron, doesn't it?

Ooh, there's another sexy askee I missed. Tron!

And the Polyhedron!

I'm so ashamed.

Pure Concentrated Orange Juice  

We are such whores.


/You/ are? If anyone, the whore is me!

All whores! All of us! :::insane cackling:::

:::wanders off muttering something about 'a big ball of whores':::


Omigod... I can't believe I typed that.

Someone tell me to go to bed. I have therapy in the morning.

 Dr. Niles Crane

Go to bed! All of you!

And I mean that.


Goodnight, Dr. Crane...

But, uh... You're pretty sexy too.

 Dr. Niles Crane

Yes, I know.

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