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 atropos (9:10 AM)
I must complain. One of the reasons I got annoyed with the Forum was the Kosak monopoly. Now it seems that L.K. Chaykin is doing the same here. Shame, shame......


 Pac-Man (9:14 AM)
It always happens that way when you give some vauge bundle of pixels and vectors the power of speech.

Gyrfalcon (9:16 AM) 
Another problem is that many of us Askees view Lester as something of a bullet shield. He answers all the questions that the rest of us are unwilling to answer. And we're more than happy to let him!

 Atari Corporation (9:18 AM)
Some people are just attention hogs. I guess that's what happens when the most popular video system you were ported to was the 3DO. Hehe...3DO.

Commander Hayes (9:18 AM) 
Hey, watch it, Buddy.

 Alf (9:19 AM)
Hey! Anyone noticed that Lester hadn't answered any of today's questions, even before this came up?

Bender (9:20 AM) 
Heh. That's an Asker for you. Day late and $50 short. No that's me. Can I borrow $50 for a lewd puppet show?

 Sifl & Olly (9:21 AM)

 Leela (9:21 AM)
Hey, what's this? There's a note here. It's from Chaykin! It says:

"Dear everyone,
I hope you are well and the site is OK. Last night I finally got my particle displacement field generator working again, and have gone off to visit my friends on Mytoona. I hope to be back sometime, but if don't return, Bacon can have my stuff.

Your friend, LKC"

 Bender (9:23 AM)
Whoa. Now I almost feel sorry we badmouthed him.

Nah, not really. So anyone got $50?

 Leela (9:23 AM)
Just like a man. Cause trouble, and then be 400 million lightyears away the next morning. He probably was just trying to avoid that dumb idea of his.

 Bender (9:26 AM)
I suppose we'll convienently not notice that he posted a reply 20 minutes ago to a question asked yesterday.

 Leela (9:26 AM)

 Bender (9:26 AM)
Gotcha...Keeping it under my hat.

 Carl Sagan (9:27 AM)
It must be due to time dilation.

 Carl Sagan (9:28 AM)

 Carl Sagan (9:28 AM)
Man, I'm pink!

 Fry (9:29 AM)
Yea! Time Dialation. And he got the wrong number. He should have used Time Directory Assistance before Time Dialating.

 Leela (9:30 AM)

 Leela (9:31 AM)
You're all insane.

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