The Topic:
Who's in charge?

The Question:

It seems like there's a definite pecking order among the Askees, with Lester, Evil Black Marble and maybe Pure Conentrated Orange Juice at the top. How did a couple of characters from NES games and a beverage wind up giving orders to Pop-Culture Amalgamated?

Tom Servo  

Actually, Charles is in charge, of our days and our nights.
Charles is in charge of our wrongs, and our rights.

 Crow T. Robot

No kidding! He rules us with an iron fist!

Yet he never shows himself! It's just like when he was on TV, always giving orders over an intercom, to us, his sexy yet dashing employees.

Charles in Charge  

I think you're thinking about "Charlie's Angels."

 Crow T. Robot

Augh! It's him!

Tom Servo  


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