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Nice Guys redux

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If any of you follow my site <insert guffaws> you'll have noticed that I've been threatening an essay for quite some time now. Well, now you've got one. Inspired by you, the Askers and Askees of the Conversatron (and TMOL's gurus. The askers are pretty much the same I would suppose).

Please feel free to praise it, although I doubt that's what I'll see, should you post it.

 Dr. Niles Crane

Interesting. While I disagree with some of your points, I'm sure it will inspire more pointless discussion, and perhaps an occasional flame. And I suppose, in the end, isn't that what everyone really wants?

 Dr. Niles Crane

Of course, the problem is not as simple as you'd have it appear. In addition to the factors that you enumerate, there is also the fact that many women feel less secure in a relationship with someone who is 'nice' to everyone, while if a 'jerk,' as you put it, is nice to her, she can feel confident that he's behaving that way because of his interest in and value for her.

 Dr. Niles Crane

Another factor is the truth that some women actually do value a stable friendship, and fear losing that after a relationship attempt. For quite often, there is indeed 'no going back,' after such an attempt, and many women, as well as men, fear trying to make the transition.


Finally, there's the "chicks are whack" factor.

 Dr. Niles Crane

Yes, well, that's a research paper unto itself, there.

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