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Ok, given an infinate number of monkeys with an infinate number of typerwriters...

1) Would not necessarily colapse into a black hole. It depends on how far they are spaced apart. And because there is an infinate mass spread over an infinate space, this problem again happens outside our universe(at least according to the current laws of physics)

2) Would probably not end up pushing random keys on the keyboard. Monkeys would push a clustering of keys, and probably not that random either, probably banging the same spot over and over again. As Spock pointed out, you would get an infinate number of jammed typewriters(remember, even if only 1/2 of the typewriters get jammed, that's still an infinate number of jammed typewriters).

3) There is no point in having an infinate number of monkeys. There are only soooo many molecular combinations that can be called "monkey". If you count the combination that is trained to type Shakespeare, you only need that one monkey to type away.

Geez, so much incorrect thought into one silly saying.

 Lego Man

I think we've found our "woodchuck" for this week.

 Dancing Monkey

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 Dancing Monkey

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Ahhhh! Somebody stop it!



 Dancing Monkey

... not... to be.

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