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did it occur to you that mike okuda just has javelin in his head and didnt realize that if you could warp space you could move at any arbitrary speed without any speed limit, because you are really at rest while space moves around you? i said before..given an infinite amount of monkeys, an infinite amount of typwriters and an infinite amount of time, they'd all collapse into an infinitely dense and infinitely massive quantum singularity.

No Hamlet for you!

The Soup Nazi  

No Hamlet for you! Come back, 6 trillion years.

 Comic Book Store Guy

*sigh* The propulsion system in the Star Trek Universe is not based on the idea of warping space and 'sitting still' as you put it. There is only a localized non-symmetrical warp field, which warps the space around the ship, causing the nearby space to 'push' the space surrounding the ship, and thus, the ship itself, forward.

 Comic Book Store Guy

I do not see why you seem to believe that the speed at which the ship moves would not be related to the power of the warp drive, and thus, the amount of curvature, or, warp, of the space. Just because you have the power to warp something slightly, does not mean that you can shape it to fit your will.


Kind of like you and office furniture, huh, Tubby?

 Comic Book Store Guy

 Comic Book Store Guy

I refuse to argue this point any further. Pardon me, while I retire to watch my new "Wrath of Khan" DVD, peons.

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