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 Doughboy (9:54 PM)
Does engineering really guarantee money? I've heard some strange urban legend about a student graduating with a EE degree out of an "engineering factory" school somewhere in the midwest and then immediately going into law school. Is that conceivable? It seems kind of dumb to go back to school after having all that money available.


 Dilbert (9:56 PM)

Dilbert (9:56 PM) 

 Dilbert (9:56 PM)

Dilbert (9:56 PM) 

 Dilbert (9:56 PM)
You're not gunning to be some rat fink patent lawyer, are you?

Smash T.V.'s Host (10:01 PM) 
Big Money!

 The Referee (10:02 PM)

Site writer participated in own question.
US$3k penalty.

 The Evil Black Marble (10:03 PM) writer? Huh?

 The Referee (10:04 PM)

Referee revealing more information about inner workings of site than absolutely necessary to the general public. $5 fine and 2 foul shots.

Assistant D.A. Dan Fielding (10:03 PM) 
Actually, I bet that kid is just switching for the sex. Everybody knows that lawyers get laid more than engineers.

 Mariah Carey (10:06 PM)
Ew, I'd never think of doing an engineer. They're so... so... uterrly dweeby. But, oh Dan...... you're the man.

Bacon (10:03 PM) 
I hate you, Dan Fielding.

 Milkman Dan (10:06 PM)
I hate you Dan Fielding.

 The Referee (10:07 PM)

Gratuitous use of bubbling.

 Doughboy (10:08 PM)
Hey, if it's there you gotta use it, right?

 The Referee (10:11 PM)

Wanton and reckless use of the "participation by asker" switch. Loss of privleges.

 The Evil Black Marble (10:12 PM)
All this "background" information leaking out!
You're ruining it for me!

 The Referee (10:12 PM)

Wanton and reckless use of the ref. Self-immolation and a loss of down.

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