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Actually the monkeys would not have time to run through all the permutations of the English alphabet before the "Heat Death"/"Big Crunch" of the Universe. There, I tied it all together. How does that make you feel?

Since this seems to be a trend...I sent DMarie.

 Ford Prefect

Nice try, but if there were, in fact, an infinite number of monkeys, then one of them would certainly come up with the script in the minimum possible time.

Of course, if there actually were an infinite number of monkeys, they would have to exist outside of the universe, so the point is moot.

 Ford Prefect

And nobody sent me, I'm afraid. And I sent nobody. Perhaps I shall go find someone.


Shouldn't you be off doing cruel things to giraffes?

 Ford Prefect

Perhaps I'll send the giraffe.

 Figgie, the Fig-Licking Giraffe


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