The Topic: Why go to college? Here's why!

 Cliona (9:27 PM)
So that you can tease all your male friends by telling them about all the pajama parties and ticklefights they're missing out on. That and the snowball fights.
And no one's youth is complete without having utterly bad food to bitch about.


 Duckman (9:32 PM)

Penfold (9:32 PM) 
And bad food!

 Duckman (9:33 PM)
Yea, screw the food gerbil-boy. Let's hear more about these Paja...amama...mama-jama.....

Penfold (9:34 PM) 
Crumbs! He just collapsed in a pile of his own drool.

 Xander Harris (9:35 PM)
"Pile?" Wow.

 Penfold (9:36 PM)
It is a cartoon, after all.

 Cliona (9:37 PM)
Well, you know how it is, three o'clock in the morning, the girls come back, we all curl up on the double-bed in our tank-tops and talk, share some popcorn...

 Duckman (9:39 PM)
More tank-tops, less popcorn!

or less tank-tops!

 Cliona (9:41 PM)
Then, of course, we all collapse into a writhing, gasping, giggling, tickling heap of half-naked young co-eds.

And that, my fine feathered friend, is what college is all about.

 Duckman (9:42 PM)


 Penfold (9:43 PM)
Crumbs! I think his brain exploded...or his heart. Doesn't make much difference, I guess.

Assistant D.A. Dan Fielding (9:45 PM) 
He died so that we may live.

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