The Topic:
I need answers.

The Question:

I have to get rid of a stuffed garbage bag weighing around 200 lbs. I'd prefer to have it off my hands as soon as possible.

 Gila Mobster

This here ain't rocket science. Yous got a car with a trunk? Yous got a nearby river or wooded area?

I don't sees the problem.


Thanks Gila Mobster, but my problem has grown. See, I was waiting for your reply when the cops busted in. My lawyer says that I shouldn't go into any details about what they found or what happened, but now I'm in prison. They let me send in a question instead of make a phone call.

So, uh... you think you could get me out of here?

Pimpbot 5000  

Don't sweat it, my man. I gots to carry lotsa cash to bail out 'da Ho's. Pimpbot will be there for you, my main man.

 Police Chief Clancy Wiggum

Pimpbot! We know you're in there. We've got a warrant for your arrest in the heist of $40k worth of RAM-chips.

Pimpbot 5000  

Da Police! Look like Pimpbots dirtay habit has caught up with him. I gotta lie low for a while. Sorry, goat-boy, youses on your own.


Okay.. well, that fell through.

Any advice on prison life?

America's Dumbest Criminal  

They've caught on to the whole "digging a tunnel under a poster" trick.

Don't try it.

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