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Seriously? Don't impose or try to help. She doesn't want you to, you won't help, and she'll resent it. You'll probably make things worse. Cutting is probably her way of dealing with an anxiety problem. Cutting yourself releases endorphines and adrenalin that can help prevent what could be serious panic attack. Unless she's in serious danger of hurting herself in the "bleed out and die" sort of way, or you're a trained medical and psychological professional, it's not your place to stop her.

What you can do is simply be there for her. Be relaxed. Try not to worry about stuff too much yourself. Just by a stable person in her life. Simply being a stable, unanxious force in here life you can be a big help. Other than that, it's not really your place to help, is it?

Ermm... not that you'll ever see this.


  The Nerds in the Audience


  The Nerds in the Audience

Just remember, if you follow his advice you have exactly zero point zero zero percent chance of ever getting laid.

  The Nerds in the Audience

But you'll be a great friend.

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