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 New Romantic (6:48 PM)
As an experiment, I have posted three questions on here that a certain other site that shall remain nameless (and begins with an F and ends with a 2000) never answered. You have answered all three and, I might add, more cleverly so than I expected (no offense). This is just a little note to say thank you for doing so and filling in those oh-so-important gaps of knowledge I long for like Rosie O'Donnell longs for a huge ham sandwich.


 Krusty the Klown (7:07 PM)
Rosie O'Donnell...Ham Sandwich...oh, yea, that's goin' in the act!

 Crow T. Robot (7:09 PM)
Well, thanks. But remember, don't hold it against them. I'm sure they get many more questions than we do, what with us being the new kids on the block.

Tom Servo (7:09 PM) 
Hehe, yea, but don't worry, we're Hangin' Tough

 New Romantic (7:14 PM)
New Kids on the Block jokes? Well, at least you're going for the source instead of those shameless rip-off bands like NSYNC. You should be proud of yourselves.

 Crow T. Robot (7:18 PM)
Well, we do try to stay NSYNC with current affairs!

Tom Servo (7:18 PM) 
Oh, Crow...No....

 Crow T. Robot (7:20 PM)
Okay...back to the basics...

I'm sorry, New Romantic! Please Don't Go, Girl! I mean, because, You Got It (The Right Stuff).

Tom Servo (7:20 PM) 

 Crow T. Robot (7:21 PM)
Don't stop now, Tom! We'll just take it Step by Step!

Tom Servo (7:22 PM) 
Crow...How do you know so many New Kids' songs?

 Crow T. Robot (7:22 PM)


We'll be right back!

 Test Pattern (7:23 PM)

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