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The Topic: Father's day


So, my wife said she didn't want anything for Mother's Day a couple of weeks back. Knowing that she was lying I got her something anyway. A gift card to Neiman's along with the note "You know you would have returned it anyway", thus giving her a day of guilt free shopping. I had them put the card in a big box and shopping bag and I had my daughter put the card she made in the box.

My wife, thinking I didn't get her anything started getting pissed off because I didn't get her anything. This goes on until the Saturday before Mother's Day when she finds the box. I didn't let her open it but she did pick it up and noticed that it was light. For the rest of the day she was trying to figure out what it was and returning it in her head. She was also getting madder and madder because she figured it was a necklace similar to the one she bought for her sister's birthday.

Finally, Mother's day arrives and she opens up the package and still looking for something to get pissed about she says "A card?" while giving me that "You're so dead" look. Then she sees the gift card inside along with the note and looks sheepish, as if it finally dawned on her how much grief she's been giving me.

Anyway, now Father's Day is coming up and I finally have my chance to get even. What should I ask for? I'm thinking either punching her in the face or fucking her in the ass. Any other ideas?



And you people are allowed to raise children?

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