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My Girlfriend

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It's not like she hates me or anything like that, so it's not that bad. She just doesn't feel any affection greater than friendly affection towards me anymore, yet we'll still be living together (and sleeping in the same bed) next summer and maybe longer. And sometimes she still acts like my girlfriend too. It's quite hard to deal with sometimes. She's off at college now, so we've got no problems, but when she comes back, I'll just have to cope somehow. Any Ideas?

 Lego Man

Well, it seems like the best thing to do would be confront your girlfriend, talk with her, and if she's made it clear that she sees you as nothing but a friend, then move on to something else, or she'll just keep using you.

 Lego Man

Well, don't! Stick with her. Don't give up! Somehow, you can make it work...but..I know there's nothing worse than when it seems like they really like you, and then they show no interest...but then when you think it's over, they start acting like you're the best thing since sliced bread again...but then it doesn't last...

 Lego Man

It's so infuriating! Ugh! It makes me so upset! I just want helpless! Why can't they see that they're driving you insane?!


Whoa there! Are you ok, little guy?

 Lego Man

Uhh...yeah, I'm fine. I just think I still have these abandonment issues from that time I was left out in the rain for a week.

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