The Topic: Smart and beautiful

 Bloodyegg (1:50 PM)
I'm a bucktoothed hunchback with 8 fingers on my right hand a 30 word vocabulary.. And I'm very proud! I feel sexy!


Lester Knight Chaykin (1:52 PM) 
You have 13 words left.

 Bloodyegg (1:54 PM)
Yes, but I'm also too stupid to count.

Lester Knight Chaykin (1:56 PM) 
6 left. Come on, you can do this! You've never backed away from anything in your life, now fight, damnit, fight!

 Bloodyegg (2:00 PM)
Are you sure you've done your math right?

Bender (2:01 PM) 
Isn't that the question you ask yourself every weekday about 9:30 am?

Lester Knight Chaykin (2:02 PM) 
Oohh, -2. That's "2" bad. Show her what she could have won!

Smash T.V.'s Host (2:03 PM) 
A 3 month's supply of "Better than thou indignant righteousness!"

Lester Knight Chaykin (2:03 PM) 
That certainly would have been nice to have.

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