The Topic: Spelling

 bhines (1:29 PM)
Might i suggest that the askees invest in a spellchecker?
"Congradulations"? "Potatos"?


 Clippy (1:30 PM)
I don't need to take that from someone who doesn't capitalize "i".

Bacon (1:32 PM) 
Don't be rude Clippy.
We'll definitely look into this.

 Bender (1:33 PM)
I don't know.
Your sure this will be fixed?

Bacon (1:33 PM) 
I'll take it up with the admins, but there is no gaurantee that thier going to do anything.

 Clippy (1:34 PM)

 Homer Simpson (1:36 PM)

 The Evil Black Marble (1:35 PM)
I've tried my best, but you can't control everyone at all times, and Clippy is too busy planning world domination with his pals Bill and Steve to do anything about it. Most errors you see will be fixed as soon as I can get to them. But what do you want, considering my original programming was limited to knocking marbles off shelves?

And oh, ha-ha, guys, very funny.

 Lester Knight Chaykin (1:35 PM)
Look Clippy, we're not aiming for quality of spelling, we're aiming for raw quantity of spelling.

 The Evil Black Marble (1:40 PM)
Stupid, stupid people. Maybe I should just leave it, you know? If they made a mistake, it's part of the ASKEE's personality...Maybe it's wrong to change that...But I just can't stand it! Is it my fault that some of my code got mixed with the spell check from WordPerfect 5.0?

 The Evil Black Marble (1:45 PM)
The voices in my head!
Why won't they stop?

Why won't they leave me alone?

 John Horatio Malkovich (1:45 PM)
I have so been there, my friend.

 The Referee (2:20 PM)
*Tweet* Incorrect grammar from clippy.

Although "Their" was misspelled as "thier", the correct spelling would be "They're" in that sentance.

 The Referee (2:21 PM)

Referee, delayed penalty on clippy. Loss of down, please reset the clock to 3:15.

 The Evil Black Marble (3:07 PM)

Referee, for missing the fact that it was a joke, you moron.

 The Evil Black Marble (3:12 PM)
Why do I even try?

 Clippy (8:34 PM)
Oh my, we've completely forgot to correct the asker on the misunderstanding of the alternate potato(e) spelling. This is the classic Dan Quayle mistake! Gees, how did I let it slip through the first time?

The Evil Black Marble (8:40 PM) 
Because while Potato and Potatoe are correct spellings, the correct spelling of Potatoes has always been Potatoes. And people wonder why Linux is gaining popularity.

 Dan Quayle (8:45 PM)
Even I knew that.

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