Be very afraid

 The Asker (1999-12-14 19:02:50)
What is your biggest fear?


Pac-Man (1999-12-14 19:03:30) 
Ghosts! Millions of Ghosts.

 IBM (1999-12-14 19:03:49)

Porn (1999-12-14 19:04:22) 

 Brakky of the Pkunk (1999-12-14 19:05:58)
Our twisted and evil Ilwrath cousins!

 Jay (1999-12-14 19:06:37)
I've ani't got no fears, beatch -- just ask tubby over here. If somebody's bugging me, I just roll 'em and smoke 'em. Ain't that right tubby.

Silent Bob (1999-12-14 19:06:50) 

 Bender (1999-12-14 19:06:55)
Having to answer more of these stupid questions from web-browsing morons.

 Xander Harris (1999-12-14 19:07:31)
Trying to score on a big date and then she turns out ot be some kind of mummy, or mantis or demon or something.

The Pillsbury Doughboy (1999-12-14 19:08:44) 
Oh god, not another rolling pin! Aaaaahhhh!

 Mr. Ed (1999-12-14 19:09:50)

 Brakky of the Pkunk (1999-12-14 19:10:19)
Not that we actually fear the Ilwrath, of course. They are merely doing what Ilwrath do, and if that means for us to transcend to a higher plane of existance, then so be it. We're not afraid. In fact, we shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine...

Or at least, somewhat powerful, in relation to other things. It's a karmic dice roll.

The Coke Santa (1999-12-14 19:11:19) 
The evil bizarro Pepsi Santa.

 The Tick (1999-12-14 19:13:58)
I fear nothing. But evil shall grow to fear the Tick. It cannot hide. Not in any nook or cranny, not in the midst of a WTO riot, not even in the deepest darkest woods of Maryland. Be gone with you.... EVIL!!

Heather Donahue (1999-12-14 19:15:32) 
I'm afraid of the deep dark Maryland woods... sniff.... Mom.... I'm sorry... what was that...

 Dr. Egon Spengler (1999-12-14 19:32:34)
Are you troubled by ghosts, spooks or specters? Call the experts.

Atari Corporation (1999-12-14 19:43:21) 
16-bit game systems

 Mr. T (1999-12-14 19:44:01)
I pity the fool that doesn't know I'm afraid of flying.

 Tinkywinky the Teletubby (1999-12-14 19:44:52)
Those anyone gay references... no it is NOT a purse. It's a European carry-all.

The Nerds in the Audience (1999-12-14 19:45:37) 
Naked women! yipe!

 The Referee (1999-12-14 19:46:32)
That someday my entire life will be meaningless... sob...

 Aeris Gainsborough (1999-12-14 19:52:45)
Sephiroth and the evil that could be released from the black materia.

 Sephiroth (1999-12-14 19:53:40)
Respect me with fear last of the ancients, some day I'll come back for you.

 Cloud Strife (1999-12-14 19:54:31)
I.... fear.... myself? my past?


 Battlestar Galactica (1999-12-14 19:55:38)

 The Rogue (1999-12-14 19:58:38)
Z, V and C.

Cartman (1999-12-14 22:39:43) 
Evil aliens from outer space with their anal probes.

 Pinywiny of the Arilou (1999-12-15 05:44:52)
We have reached the limit of what rectal probing can teach us.

Space Moose (1999-12-15 09:00:55) 
I sure hope you're kidding. My anus has much yet to teach the world.

 Steve Buscemi (1999-12-15 10:40:41)
Man, I'm freaking terrified of Chipper-Shreaders............

 The Shredder (1999-12-15 11:00:23)
My, I certainly am feeling chipper this morning....

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