The Topic: Something I noticed

 Seamonster (9:16 AM)
Hmm, I noticed that ever since I submitted a question... well, statement, really... about Dan Fielding being unable to hold a candle to Law & Order's Jack McCoy, that Dan Fielding has been appearing more and more frequently here. On top of that, my question - er, statement, sorry - never got answered. Is someone trying to tell me something?


Bender (9:18 AM) 
Yeah, get a job.

Bender (9:18 AM) 
And lose some weight!

Assistant D.A. Dan Fielding (9:22 AM) 

 Ian Malcolm (9:23 AM)
You look like shit Dan. What happened to you?

Assistant D.A. Dan Fielding (9:27 AM) 
Well, last night I went home with the babalicious Shania Twain. We were in bed getting way horizontal, when, ah... *shudder*... um...

 Ian Malcolm (9:27 AM)
Go on, you can tell old Ian.

Assistant D.A. Dan Fielding (9:27 AM) 
The most horrible thing happend! Shania suddenly shuddered, there was this loud pop and fiz sound, and I was suddenly, um, eh, doing it with... with...

 Beaker (9:27 AM)
Meee mee meee me meeep!

Assistant D.A. Dan Fielding (9:27 AM) 
...this awful thing!! It was horrible!

 Ian Malcolm (9:27 AM)
Wow. Life really does find a way.

 Lester Knight Chaykin (9:27 AM)
I think that worked out well.

 Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith (9:28 AM)
I love it when a plan comes together!

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