The Topic: Mulder

 SuperYoda (5:54 AM)
Why were you showing off last night with the coin tricks and such? You nitz!


 Special Agent Dana Scully (6:03 AM)
Mulder is just now a 'nitz', as you put it, because of his coin tricks?

 Special Agent Fox Mulder (6:05 AM)
You know you can't live without me, Scully.

Ooh, what's this behind your ear...could it be?

 Special Agent Dana Scully (6:06 AM)

A quarter, Mulder?

 Special Agent Fox Mulder (6:07 AM)
No, it's some sort of transmitter! An alien tracking device!

 Special Agent Dana Scully (6:09 AM)

 Special Agent Fox Mulder (6:10 AM)
Kidding. I'm just kidding.

You're the one who told me to lighten up, remember.

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