The Topic: Scully

 Bloodyegg (12:27 AM)


 Max (2:30 AM)
Two of them are practically the exact right size, too!

Sam (2:31 AM) 
I wonder.
If we giver her some other names can she find some pictures on them too?

 Max (2:31 AM)
But Sam, aren't we supposed to do the finding around here?

Sam (2:32 AM) 
These aren't for work, little buddy.
I just want a new poster to hang on our wall.

 Special Agent Fox Mulder (2:33 AM)
Hey, those aren't pictures of my partner.
They're just pictures of some look-a-like actress dressed up as her!

Special Agent Dana Scully (2:35 AM) 
Hey Mulder...

Special Agent Dana Scully (2:36 AM) 

Help! I'm trapped in this box!

 Special Agent Fox Mulder (2:36 AM)
Ha ha.

Special Agent Dana Scully (2:36 AM) 
Oh, lighten up.

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