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the hardest part of loving you..

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It's not so much that a question gets ignored... that's no big deal. Honestly. It's just that I can see Sarcasm Man being like, "yeah... here's a winner" and Bender rolling his eyes and Brodie saying something malicious toward me... I just imagine the entire Conversatron staff laughing at my lame attempt at a question and calling me an idiot.

Please... say it ain't so!

 Willow Rosenberg

Awww, you know that isn't true. I'm sure they're just fooling with you. We don't pass questions around back here, laughing and pointing.


Sure we do. It's the best part!

 Willow Rosenberg

No, we don't. So don't worry about it. After all, there's no such thing as a stupid question...


Just stupid Askers!

 Willow Rosenberg


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