The Topic: I know you've heard this before-

 The Asker (4:38 PM)
-but I think this site is a ripoff of the Forum 2000 Website. I applaud you for your efforts in trying to distinguish the Conversatron from F2K, but why did you have to go and make it all ugly-looking? Your site has no overall plan; it looks like stuff was just thrown together. And the, what, ASKEEs? Way too many in my opinion, but I will tell you that most of them are way cooler than some of F2K's SOMADs (esp. Conan O'Brien, Lego Man, and the MST3K guys). Unfortunately, the humor here seems to be centered on lame jokes and rambling dicussions about nothing in particular. Speaking of rambling, I've gone on long enough, so I'll ask my question now. Why does this site suck?


 Crow T. Robot (4:52 PM)
So you like MST3k and Conan O'Brien...but you dislike lame jokes and rambling discussion about nothing....

What are you watching for, the lead male actors' overall sexiness?

 Mike Nelson (4:52 PM)
Yea, that's pretty.....


 Conan O'Brien (4:52 PM)
Get used to it, my friend.

 Ring Explosion (with lens flare!) (7:25 PM)
In a question to you, dear Asker, if we're so sucky, why waste your time here? By asking questions of a sucky site you by extension suck yourself.

The Avatar (7:27 PM) 
Very funny, coming from a cravenly ring explosion.

 The Evil Black Marble (7:36 PM)
And too many Askees? Who would you have us throw into the streets? This cute little squirrel?

Nuts the Squirrel (7:37 PM) 
Please don't... I'll be good!

 The Evil Black Marble (7:37 PM)
Or the poor innocent baby seal?

Club, the Baby Seal (7:37 PM) 
It's sooooo cold.

 The Evil Black Marble (7:38 PM)
You bastard.

The Web Palette (7:40 PM) 
As far as "just thrown together" goes... what do you want?
A lean, functional site or something that "looks good" but has unreadable size 2 verdana all over the damn place?

 Bender (7:42 PM)
And he completely forgot about the insult humor. All lame jokes and pointless discussion indeed.

Is there anything in that meatbag's post that isn't screwed up?

Fry (7:42 PM) 
He said we're a ripoff of Forum 2000.

 Bender (7:43 PM)
Yea, well, one out of five is still pretty lousy.

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