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evil, whatever

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I wish you guys would give me an open thread so I could get something posted on here once in a while.

 Lego Man

You want it, you got it here at the Conversatron! Well, not really. But guess what? It's time for "Caption This!"

Here's today's photo. Pay attention, and good luck!

Crow T. Robot  

"Oh! Man! Did anyone else have the Chili for lunch?"


"and I did it... Myyyyy Daaaaaad'sssss Wayyyyy"


If you think Bill got good head, you should see under here!!!


"If I were a rich man..."


what! I didn't ask for quote the caption. But I did get an open thread.

look at me! I'm Serpentina!!!! I'm ser--ok ok I'm Hilli! I'm Hilli!!!! look at me post!


"Deedle didle didle deedle didle didle didle doo..."


All those in favor of total nudity 24/7 raise your right hand!


now I can finally say all the things you guys didn't post!

for example that today is my 22nd birthday and I have to study for a neuro quiz!

Tom Servo  

"Bush entertains delegates with his 'Chewbacca' impression."


Great, who cares? Caption for picture and for Serpentina!


"I am not a crook!"


And I'm in a computer lab here at the UCLA biochemistry dungeon, and I want to say hi to my brother ron (6) and to Yuval Kapellner who isn't visiting me and to Jason (blue marble boy) who was nice to me last night, and to all my friends who don't read the Tron, like Shin-Yi and Lily and Michelle and Nicole and Dimple, and all my pals from Phi Eta Sigma and the neuroscience society and my supervisor Dr. Mathern who is presenting today and my supervisors Delia and Alana and my ex, Richard, and my roommates Tiffany, Erin, and Diana, and everyone on staff at the santa monica medical center, and my parents David and Bilha and my dogs Stu, Benny, and Topsy and my late cat Garfield


"The women's rights movement struck back at Bush with a swift nutshot from behind."

Happy b'day, Serpentina. Party at my house tonight, we can watch the Flyers' opener and get drunk.


"Who dropped that concrete block on my foot? ARRRRGH! Sonofa@#$#@#@$!!!"


"No, I am Spartacus!"


This is an example of an the tall, erect citizens that we need to be in order to satisfy America's needs. Much like teens on Viagra, we need to keep it up past the point at which it hurts, past the point at which it chafes. We must continue until EVERYONE is satisfied with our America.

Mike Nelson  

"Bush reacts to 3rd party candidate Ralph Nader, after he breaks into the convention hall and moons Bush from the first row."


"Hemorrhoids , god they're killing me..."


Or better yet:
"Oh man... I have REALLY got to go to the bathroom.."


oh and while I have the floor (although I doubt any of you read this b/c like I wouldn't if I weren't me), I would like to say that my favorite things in life are sour sticks and burgers and swimming and fuzzy dogs and The Maxx by Sam Kieth and the South Park Movie and Bender from futurama and milk shakes from In N Out and huge schlongs and The Tom Green Show and my dog Stu and the color red and swing dancing and the UCLA bruins and shoes and diamonds and I'd like to add that I got my entire back sunburned at sea world


"Here's one for my people... YEEEEEHAAWWWW!!!"

 just a guy

"I understand small business growth. I was one."


And that's Serpentina, everyone, with her impression of an Emmy or Oscar award winner.

Oh, and "I'm melting! Melting! Oh, what a world what a world!"

Tom Servo  

"I think I swallowed a bug!"


Wow it's like so rare that I'm actually online when there's an open thread, this is it guys, this is my time to pour out all the tasteless things I always wanted to say that didn't get posted, like this poem that the folks at the tron *totally didn't give a flying crap about*

The Twenty-fourth of April
by Hilli

Today is the Twenty-fourth of April
The twentieth
Of the moon of April.
The milk expires tomorrow.


Man, that was a good Fiona Apple impression, Serpentina. What gender are you, BTW?


Whoa, that's deep. Encore, encore.


"Dammit people, why can't you ever find a GOOD pic of me!"


And also that I'd like to remind one and all that I have all rights or at least I should to Naked Washing Machine Boy, b/c I got him started, although I actually wanted a *real* human naked boy inside a washing machine and not some little Tom Servo-variety *thing* but whatever, that thing *is mine* and I should get his photo instead of a question mark for my name

And if I even said this then I would also like to mention that enough with all of us asking the same things over and over again like I just did, like asking for our pictures up here and what the stars are for and why we don't get posted (erm, hehe), and about washing machine pr0n


'Seriously folks, the fish was this lon...wait, where the HELL is my left arm? Is this mic. even on?'

George W. Bush  

Okay, I think that's enough of that. You people go bother Al for awhile.

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