The Topic:
Black Marble, evil conotations.

The Question:

I was reading a post by the Evil Black Marble.
Why is the Color black associated with evil?

Why was the 'hero' marble in that game white?
And why are evil villains always referred to as
'the dark lord' and swathed in black?
Luke Skywalker wore white, and was played by Mark Corngood Hamil.
Darth Vader was voiced By James Earl Jones and was ALWAYS in black.

I smell a conspiracy!
My people will never truely be free until we lift this misconception of
the color black from popular culture.

Brodie Bruce  

What about Lando Calrissian?

 The Evil Black Marble

Anyway, the "good" marbles were red or blue. So I'm not sure what you can read in to that.

Knight Industries 2000  

And besides, sometimes the good guys do wear black.

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