The Topic: Parallel lines

 Bloodyegg (3:02 PM)
What's the big deal about parallel lines? Why does everyone care so much about them?


Roger Rabbit (3:08 PM) 
Parallel lines aren't funny! I didn't even knew people cared about them!

 Tron (3:09 PM)
I assume this must be like that "fig licking" thing that everyone knew about aside from us.

Ash (3:09 PM) 
Sweet mother of Jesus!

 Tron (3:10 PM)

Ash (3:10 PM) 
This is our 1000th topic, give or take.

 Max (3:10 PM)
I may weep openly.

 Batman (3:11 PM)
I may shoot myself.

Tron (3:15 PM) 
I guess this is a bad time to mention that we are only using 10 bits for topic numbers?

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